Relationship Profile

Relationship Profile

You may not be compatible with your significant other in the same way you may not match your job. Every couple faces challenges, but how you handle them is what sets you apart from others. A relationship profile can help you understand the problems that may arise and how to deal with them. Reach out to me to order yours.

A Relationship Profile Will

Identify the strengths that make the relationship resonate. Identify the challenges that may create the rough spots. Help you better understand your traits and those of your partner. Creating a better understanding and style of communication takes out the guesswork as to whether you are compatible or not. Why leave it to fate? Check out your date.

It Pays to Know More

Relationships are full of pitfalls, so it is in your best interest to learn as much as you can about your partner. Learning as much as possible about your significant other answers questions and helps you avoid disappointment, and a relationship profile offers the knowledge you seek. A profile also provides insights about your traits and your partners, which results in healthier interpersonal communication.

Benefit from Instant Awareness

Couples with whom I work tell me relationship profiles help them. Instead of wondering if it will work, you can get the answers before committing yourself to someone else. Personology is the key to identifying the strengths and challenges in relationships. No other system offers such immediate insights about what makes a person tick and why. Don’t leave it to fate; check out your date.

Relationship Profile From Photo

Please send one full-face photo and one of each side profile with the forehead and ears completely exposed for each partner. I also need a photo of both hands with the palms facing the camera, fingers together, and knuckles straight. The thumb should be straight and resting against the index finger. Send the photos in a JPEG file (preferably reduced for sending by email).

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