A Testimonial

A Personology Profile is a must for anyone interested in self-development because it’s a time-efficient and effective guide focussing on where we naturally excel and thrive and where improvements are needed to live a Happier and Healthier Life of Our Own Choosing.

 The better we know ourselves, the more we’ll make the right choices suitable for our personality, the more balanced we feel. The further away we move from our inner self, what we term the Inner Truth, the more imbalance we attract.

Our Personology Profile was a comprehensive one entailing a personality, career and couple assessment reconfirming what we knew and know about ourselves and each other. It helped us to fully embrace our eccentricity, – as individuals and a couple – DO the work we LOVE, be fully cognisant of our challenges so we use them for positive, and shun ways that weren’t our “cup of tea” even if it meant being seen as odd and an odd couple.

We always recommend for our clients to have a Personology Profile so they understand the traits they’re born with. It’s one of the methods we use to better guide them best suited for who they are and what works for them.

What makes all the above worthwhile, is Naomi Tickle herself for her cordiality, expertise and patience in answering our many questions in a prompt manner. Many are uneasy and uncomfortable to correspond with and Naomi is an exception to that. Thank You Naomi for YOUR Kind Service and Kindness.

 Rabab Maher & Khalid AlMahmoud,
 Consultants, Writers and Visual Artists