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 Naomi, 2nd left with microphone and next to Dr Oz, addresses  the panelist at far right at the Health Summit  Conference.

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for helping to make our first ever ISES Napa-Sonoma Breakfast a success! We've had so many comments on how wonderful the event was from start to finish and we could not have done it without you! We're so happy you were a part of it!  Kate Kovalick-Patay, National Sales Executive




I want to thank you, very much, for your workshop at the Conference, it was a really refreshing part of the event. It's still a real talking point, two weeks afterwards - very few speakers have that effect!  FAMA conference.



Thank you for presenting such a lively and informative session, Naomi. Will be happy to recommend you as a speaker.  The anecdotal feedback was very, very positive. People felt they learned something very useful as well as had a good time. 
Jan Hellie Sr Manager WMS Performance Development Group National Semiconductor Corp




Naomi, You've heard it 1,000 times, but 1,000 more is probably okay.....Your presentation this morning at the Buckhead Business Association was phenomenal and right on the money. I was 2nd row back on your right and when you came up to me, you said "analytical" ...right on the head ! Amazing.




 Us Kiwis so enjoyed meeting you and were spellbound with your interactive presentations. You have touched us in a special way and we are all the wiser for your gift Naomi. Thank you for being you!


The secret of Naomi's presentations

is that  the audience is involved from the very beginning. The excitement grows as Naomi scans the room for faces to demonstrate the trait she is explaining. Skeptics abound. Everybody knows who they are. But to everyone's delight Naomi successfully identifies them from across the room. 

This is not just showmanship. People unfamiliar with the workings of personology are naturally skeptical. Naomi uses 'Show and Tell', the quickest way to demonstrate to them the effectiveness of personology. Now they can follow the rest of the workshop with enthusiasm, rather than questioning everything.

As the Powerpoint presentation of photographs and sketches continues, more people in the audience are identified to demonstrate recognizable character traits. It becomes quite clear that there is no magic, no psychic power, and no special gifts involved. It is about simple practical information that anyone can learn and use. This information is so valuable that everything demonstrated in her talks and workshops is described in detail in her latest book "What Makes People Tick & Why".  

If you are not already convinced, or are even the least bit skeptical, about the science of personology then you will enjoy an objective and convincing presentation by Naomi Tickle. Attendees will leave with information of lasting value, and know how to use it in their business and personal lives.      (learn more)

The talks and workshops can be oriented to the interests of your organization. Previous events have focused on Customer Relations, Human Resources, Closing the Sale, Communications, Personal Development, and Relationships depending on the interests of your organization.

Talks and Workshops are presented in USA, Canada, England and Australia.

Upcoming Events

September 20th Santa Rosa, CA

October 1st Santa Rosa, CA

October 9th Sierra College, Truckee, CA


 Some Previous Speaking Events

South Carolina
Kinesiology Conference
July 7th - 10th,  Fordham University,
Greensville, South Carolina

Pleasanton Holistic Expo, Hilton Hotel, 7050 Johnson Dr, Pleasanton
Time open 10 am - 6pm
Speaking at 2pm
I will be offering Personality Assessments at my booth
Mountain V iew
Celebrating Women Faire
When: Friday August 26th 3pm - 6pm
Where: Fenwich and West Law Firm
801 California Street.
Pinole Rotary Club
When: Thursday, September 15th at 12 noon
Where: Pear Street Bistro
2395 San Pablo Ave, Pinole
San Jose
Holistic Art Fair
When: September 24th  10 - 6pm
Where: Divine science Community Center
San Jose
San Rafael Rotary Club
November 15th Sharp Park Golf Course
Time: 7:30 am
Atlanta, Georgia
October AT&T - date to be announced.



Thanks for doing a wonderful job at AT&T.  I look forward to our next project together.  Chris Deas.




Workshops have been presented at 

  • AT&T
  • IBM
  • Morgan Stanley
  • National Semiconductor
  • Emory University
  • Norwich University
  • NY State College Administration
  • Macy's
  • CNN
  • World Trade Center
  • The Commonwealth Club
  • Orthodontist Conference
  • Human Resources

and varying interest groups.





Just wanted to Thank You again for coming to speak to the ISES Napa/Sonoma members for our first official meeting. Everyone has said what a great speaker you are and how much they loved listening to you talk about face reading.   Ann Baldwin.

Naomi was a hit!! We really enjoyed her visit and can't wait to reschedule sometime soon.
J. Rob. Law firm.




Naomi Tickle     (707) 769-0290    

email   Naomitickl@aol.com