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What Makes People Tick & Why

  by Naomi Tickle

I had the book "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell and he talked about Paul Ekman and how facial expression will tell about the person. So I bought his " Telling Lies, Emotions Revealed and Unmasking the Face" from Amazon. Since I had bought these books they said that I would like your " You Can Read a Face Like a Book".  Then I bought your book and it was the best of the lot.   Thanks, Marvin M

Naomi, I am now dating Jack. Your information (that is so accurate) is immensely helpful for me. Jack is unlike anyone else that I have spent time with. For me to have insight on his character allows me to be at peace with the dynamics of our friendship.

The presentation was just wonderfully insightful and for me so much easier to comprehend and quicker to utilize than anything such as the DISC (similar to Myers Briggs) personality profiling.  

What Makes People Tick and Why  

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Who Am I, Who Are You?

Naomi Tickle

We all read faces from the moment we meet someone.  We search the face for clues that will help us better understand the person we are speaking with. The face serves as GPS to our inner blueprint. This blueprint gives us clues about our own personality including our innate strengths and challenges  

 Face Pattern Recognition is a valuable tool that will help you immediately recognize some of the key traits that are seen in the face. Traits that will help you better understand the strengths and challenges within your relationship.  Understanding your own traits and those of your partner, or the person you are dating, is the first step toward creating a meaningful relationship.

 My book includes sketches and photo’s for each of the traits.  It will help you to better understand and communicate with your partner.  It gives you a “heads up” about what to expect.  This would also apply to the people you meet and work with.  It is well researched and applies across all cultures. 










Who Am I, Who Are You?
Creating Successful Relationships

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This is an ideal book for sales and marketing professionals.  There are photographs and sketches that show the trait on one page.  On the page opposite there is a brief outline on what the trait indicates and how to approach your customer. The bullet point style makes the information easier to access and understand.

Closing the Sale 
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