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Career Assessments from Personologist Naomi Tickle

Time for a change?

Now that you recognize the need to make a change, you may not know how to proceed. Written career tests may not solve your dilemma because they can’t measure your innate interests.

Face Reading Expert since 1995

The competitive nature of all fields means you have to prepare yourself to rise above the crowd. If you need help making yourself attractive to recruiters, I offer my assistance. I give personology-based career assessments to individuals looking for a rewarding career. Three-fourths of students either leave high school undecided on a career path or change their profession/studies. Historically, many students and professionals have based their decisions on written career tests. However, career tests can be erroneous because we tend to steer the outcomes in our favor or for what we think we want. Our DNA and faces may play a more important part in professional achievement. Contact me to speak with a personologist who will help you find the ideal career based on your physical characteristics.
Because of its importance in your life, your job should never be a place to spend eight hours a day. It is better for you if you take the initiative to find a fulfilling career rather than worry about a job that you don’t like.

Life is too short for just another job.

Some of us can use written and oral career aptitude exams to tilt in the direction we prefer. You cannot cheat with face reading. The accuracy of personology assessments makes them essential in career selection, relationship counseling, coaching, and more. Find out what your face reveals about your core self with one-on-one consultations for personality and career assessments. You can also teach yourself the fundamentals by reading “What Makes People Tick & Why: The Answers Are in the Face.”

Explore the Secrets of Face Reading

What is Face Pattern Analysis?

Face Pattern Analysis is the relationship between the facial structure and personality. It indicates both our strengths and challenges. An infant expresses many personality traits, which fully develop once a child passes puberty. And while the environment can affect our personality, it cannot change it. Our faces form the foundations of our plan for success. The method I use is the most accurate face reading system used today and works with all cultures. The basis of the face reading system is initial research conducted on over 10,000 people in the 1940s. Researchers performed ongoing studies on over a thousand subjects from 1950 – 1970. Study subjects rated it 92% accurate for personality assessments, 94% for career suggestions, and 89% for improving relationships.

Let me match you with the ideal job through personology.

"I have had the immense pleasure to hear Naomi Tickle present at one of our industry conferences. Naomi is articulate, engaging and the consummate professional in everything she does. Congratulations Naomi - I love your work. With warmth"

Evelyn L, First Impressions

"I highly recommend this clear, well-spoken woman as a public speaker. Naomi is able to get her message across with clarity and understanding."

Dorothy B.

"I have used Naomi's strategies for many years. She provides powerful and empowering techniques to live life and manage a career."

Dorothy N., Ph.D.

"I've known Naomi for about 10 years and was fascinated by her book and personal knowledge about facial reading techniques. I had her come to speak to my business organization and she kept the audience riveted for the entire time. Naomi is a dynamic speaker and is entertaining as well."

Sharyn A.

My career chart arrived today. Thanks a lot - just listening to it now. I only wish someone had told me all this about myself a couple of decades ago!

John W.

I just got your report -- what a fantastic thing!!!! The boiled-down part about careers, avocations and hobbies was EXACTLY on target. I really enjoyed the process. Thanks so very much.

Kathryn P., PhD

Naomi Tickle is a renowned authority on Personology and I have been privileged to represent her in this work for over 20 years. Naomi is an accomplished speaker and author and I have organized workshops for her during this time. She is always extremely well received and is always invited back by major corporations because of her outstanding presentations, humor, and expert knowledge of her subject, Personology. Her British accent is warm and personable. At the close of her presentations, the audience always wants more. Naomi's personology charts and career assessments are so accurate that they compare to the much more expensive Myers Briggs, Disc and other such tests. If you book Naomi for a speech or workshop you will get much more than you bargained for.

Lorraine Kamisky, Community Relations Director at Get Ready For Tomorrow

Naomi really knows her craft. She read my face and the results came back with incredible accuracy. As The Prospect Profiler™, I have great respect for her marvelous ability."

Rosey D.

Dear Naomi, From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank you for a most enlightening and validating session. Your detail and accuracy were so impressive. I was absolutely awestruck by the process! If only we had crossed paths sooner ...."Where have you been all my life?! Please don't ever stop this wonderful life-altering skill of yours! Thank you, Thank you.

B. Davidson

Thank you, your insight has really helped me to make a decision . It confirms the way I feel about my struggle with teaching. I have thought more about doing another MSc and going into consultancy work, which will involve project management I think you have just made my mind up! Also, it has always been my ambition to write a children's story book, so I shall stop making this an ambition and start getting on with it! Thanks again

Karen R.

The career analysis was just wonderfully insightful and for me so much easier to comprehend and quicker to utilize than anything such as the DISC (similar to Myers Briggs) personality profiling.

J. Peterson